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Henan Huahe Media Group Co., Ltd. (HuaHe-Media) was founded in 2009, Henan is the first China Business Advertising Association Integrated Agency Professional Committee (China 4A) member units, China Business Advertising Association Digital Marketing Committee, China Business Advertising Association Content marketing committee members, the Shanghai Charity Foundation special fund management committee executive vice director of the unit.
Group under the four branches, three branches, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou set up a branch, deep plowing "the whole case of integrated service agents, new media operations, public relations activities, IPTV digital marketing, animation video IP" five business segments. The Group is committed to providing customers with creative, planning, design, film and television, performing arts, public relations, exhibitions, and so on. The Group is committed to providing customers with creative, planning, design, film and television, performing arts, exhibitions, exhibitions and so on. , Media, IPTV digital marketing, animation, IP and other brand service system to a more open and more real new vision, new thinking, the new dimension as the standard, the formation of creative-oriented business output link.
China Wo Media Group for many brands to provide customers with integrated brand marketing and communication solutions, the service customers are China Mobile, China Unicom, Greenland Group, Missing Group, Central Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Post Bank, Pudong Development Banks, etc., integration of cross-border resources, appropriate and fast to provide customers with practical brand promotion solutions.
"In the Central Plains, the heart to the world," the Wo, in the process of precipitation "attitude, there are ideas, ideas, stories," the entrepreneurial character, the future of the Wo Group, will continue to provide customers with China's new 4A Advertising services standards, with excellent quality, to create a prominent main form, the industry chain integrity, cross-regional development, full-service first-class comprehensive media group.


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