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The company has formed a group of Chinese cultural and creative industries, which gathers the profound qualifications and superb skills of planning, design, performance, film and television shooting, and performing talents from Shanghai Crystal Stone, SMG, Shanghai Art Film Studio and CCTV3. , The predecessor of the planning and organization of the planning and organization of a number of large-scale cultural activities at home and abroad and performances, involving the media, fashion, entertainment, 3D roaming, public welfare, events, government activities, cultural exchanges, film and television advertising, graphic design, And other areas.

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    Henan company: Zheng Dong, New District, Zhengzhou, green window, Yunfeng, B block, 27 floor
    Beijing company: Guanghua Road, Guanghua Road, SOHO, two, 9, 3Q, Chaoyang District
    Shanghai: Jinshan District Fengjing town East Ring Road 65 Lane 2, room 1924

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